Navrattan Jewellers

I took the first step into the business world by joining my father’s Jewelry business back in our hometown. It was probably the best decision of my life, I put logic aside and followed my heart. I had a lot of dreams and ideas in my mind, and my father took the approach of a mentor and encouraged me to refine and develop it into its full potential. Joining the family business and gaining a work experience of 4 years, marked the entrepreneurial beginning for me and thereafter, there has been no looking back.

Navrattan Consultancy

In 2004 I started a proprietorship firm by the name ’Navrattan Consultancy’, which, in a short span of time became a successful venture and the same was converted into a private limited company. The company opened many branch offices in India. Navrattan Consultancy was successful in providing a platform to hundreds of students and numerous people interested in migrating or studying abroad to countries such as Cyprus and Australia. This resulted in Navrattan Consultancy being featured among one of the top immigration companies in the region. Later I started second company by the name ‘Navrattan Australia Pty. Ltd. And also ventured in two private colleges in Australia.

Navrattan Free Power Corporation Limited.
2009 - 2010

In 2009 I exited the aforementioned businesses and started a new company ‘ Navrattan Free Power Corporation Limited’. This new venture was incorporated to give shape to alternative energy sources with a belief that strong multipliers or promoting green GDP will emerge when enlightened consumers exercise preference in favor of businesses contributing significantly towards environmental and social sustainability. NFPCL has vindicated its initiative of value creation through innovation by introducing Free Power Generators for the first time in India which ensures a safer, cleaner, greener and a better tomorrow.

Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited
December 2012

Founded in the year 2012, NGPCL became the first company in India to introduce Electric Amplification system (EAS), a totally revolutionary and an eco-friendly electricity generation technology in collaboration with Fakon Limited of Hungary. The technology is capable of producing an enormous amount of electricity by means of recycling its own energy feed stock in a closed loop system thus, not requiring a constant feedstock of fossil fuels, atomic energy or hydro power, resulting in clean energy production. All my hard work and efforts have resulted into NGPCL entering in to an exclusive Technology Transfer Agreement, through which, this first-of-its-kind EAS closed Loop System technology will be set up in India.

Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private Limited,

I initiated another venture in the year 2012 named, ‘Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NBCIPL). The company is a joint venture between Navrattan Free Power Corporation Limited of India and Blue World Crete Incorporation of United States of America. NBCIPL is the first and the only venture in India to welcome a completely novel technology in cement and concrete construction material in India. This venture aims to open gates to widespread development which will benefit Individuals, Builders, Businesses, Governments and the Nation as a whole. The company is dedicated towards providing ‘GREEN’ solutions to the society through its innovation by offering low carbon, environment friendly cement solutions. The product, Navrattan Blue Crete Cement is environment friendly, sustainable, reliable, durable and affordable and helps to build high performance eco-friendly buildings that use less, waste less and produce less green house gas emissions as compared to conventional buildings.

Navrattan Infra Private Limited

The company was formed in 2014 to build affordable housing in the state of Punjab. Entering into a joint venture with the Punjab Government, the company ventures into the arena of road construction, infrastructure, housing and development. Navrattan Infra Private Limited is a team of committed engineers who are tirelessly working towards developing and venturing into new concepts and structural systems for unique project development works with the aid of new and advanced technology. The initial target is to construct over 1,00,000 houses for economically weaker section, low income group in all cities of Punjab. The housing development will provide sewerage treatment plant, waste water recycling plant, park, parking, security, health care centre and primary school in the vicinity.

Roman Ecological Cement Private Limited

I started another venture in collaboration with Reco Cement Technologies of United States. The company is all dedicated to bring an Eco-friendly and ‘Green’ alternative to construction material. Roman Ecological Cement Private Limited produces cementitious additives made primarily from recycled materials (such as fly ash) which are generally available locally at a much cheaper cost than that of Portland cement. This additive can be used as a replacement for 50 to 70 percent of the weight volume of Portland cement and allows Portland cement manufacturers and concrete ready-mix companies to use less Portland cement in their design mixes, thereby reducing their environmental impact and lessening their costs. The resultant blend is qualitatively superior to Portland cement and allows its customers to market their products as a green alternative to most construction materials.

Navrattan Movies Private Limited

In the year 2015, I ventured into motion pictures and incorporated Navrattan Movies Private Limited. The company was set-up keeping in mind the basic requirement of being entertained. The company is willing to bring out fresh talent in the field of writing, directing, screen-playing, acting etc. Dedicated to ease the availability of entertainment even in the farthest of areas in India, the company plans to have a wide network of distributors, planners and promoters.



I possess a very keen intellectual insight in to new age technologies which can bring about a positive impact on the environment and can transform the way businesses are running today by making them more efficient, more reliable and less polluting.


I am blessed to have the vision to bring eco-friendly technologies from all over the globe to India. To shape this vision into reality i started Companies which deal in Green Technology and contribute significantly to environmental and social sustainability


I make efforts to bring together renowned scientist and multinational companies from various parts of the globe and collaborate with them for the purpose of commercially exploiting their research.


I am a person of artistic intellect who has a passion for entertainment, jewelry designing, identifying precious/ semi-precious stones and has a keen interest in collecting fine arts from all over the globe.


Upto 2014

In Navrattan Consultancy I was successful in sending hundreds of students and numerous people interested in migrating or studying abroad to countries such as Cyprus and Australia, I provided students a platform to pursue their higher studies in foreign continents. This resulted in Navrattan consultancy being featured among one of the top among immigration companies in the region. I have travelled to over 30 different countries and owns twenty five (25) different Intellectual Property rights, 3 IPR in Eco-friendly Cement. I have been working for bringing this completely novel technology to India.