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Himanshu Verma

Navrattan Group today stands strong on 9 verticals all dedicated to providing innovative and affordable social means.

I started with Navrattan consultancy, a company involved in immigrating and settling students and various other professionals all over the world. Slowly and gradually my interest shifted to providing and promoting solar powered alternative energy generation means and I founded Navrattan Free Power Corporation Limited.

Thereafter there has been no looking back and day and night me and my Research & Development team have been working hard to achieve and develop more innovative ways of technology generation.

Today Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NBCIPL) is renowned all over the world as the first every company to provide Navrattan Crete an Eco-friendly sustainable no pollution generating concrete.

It is our undying effort and enthusiasm that helps us to keep up the expectations and move ahead. I surely dedicate my success to my team and my colleagues who act as pillars of support in the hour of need.

Vision & Mission

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Ten years from now i visualize a Green world. To realize my vision i aims to build a science city spread across an area of approximately 8000 to 10000 acres, where scientist from all over the world can come together under one roof and carry out research on Eco-friendly Technologies. Besides having a fully equipped Research & Development laboratory for the scientists to carry out their research this science city will comprise of schools, university and residential spaces. The main broad aim of this project will be to preserve natural resources and to create a sustainable environment for future generations.

Further I commercially exploit five to ten Intellectual Properties in the field of Cement, Energy, Bio-diesel, Biomass, Plant pesticide contributing draught prevention and agriculture. These IP’s will be based on natural resources and waste rather than chemicals.

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My passion to bring about a green revolution in India is the driving force behind his initiatives. I am working towards taking India out of the list of ‘third world countries’ and giving it a place among the top developed countries of the world. My aims at achieving this milestone with the help of his green technologies.

I am commercially exploiting an IP in green cement, the major component of which is waste material. By bringing this new cement technology into the market i am also contributing towards the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” an initiative launched by the Indian Prime minister that aims to accomplish the vision of a Clean and Green India by 2 October 2019.


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I aim at minimizing the impact of large scale commercial development and constructions by bringing in new technology and making the environment pollution free and green. I want India to be energy and resource surplus economy, also with the least carbon footprint amongst developing nations.