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A Little About Me:

Welcome to my personal website. The aim of building this website is to share some information about myself, my businesses, and to keep up my familiarity of a business entrepreneur.

I am Himanshu Verma, the Founder & Chairman of Navrattan Group of Companies. Being born and brought up in Patiala, Punjab, I come from a very traditional, down to earth and a family of morals.

Probably this is the reason why I have always thought of doing something and contributing to the social.

My research explores the limits of our own minds and the reasons why we often are unaware of our limits. With a strong vision and mission in my mind I started to work on my idea which slowly and gradually took the shape of an innovative technology.

More About Me

What Makes Me Different

  • I believe in exploring new ideas and bringing them to life: exploring and recognizing new and innovative ideas is my interest and I make the best of efforts to bring them to life.
  • My trust in bringing the change gives me inner strength to do my best: I interest in benefitting the society by providing alternative ways of energy generation and saving scarce natural resources, thus benefitting the present and the future generations.
  • I know how to bring great innovations to market: innovating and making the innovation of use is two different aspects. My team works best to make the innovations useful for everyday use and make sure it reaches the public.
  • Have an insight to make innovative ideas happen: not only recognizing and exploring the ideas but my R&D team is a dedicated staff which work day and night to generate new possible ways of making lives simpler and better.
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